2012 Carbon E7
The 2012 Carbon E7 is the world's first purpose-designed police car.

Consumer Guide’s ­Impressions of the 2012 ­ Carbon E7

It’s the world’s first car designed for law enforcement by law enforcement. You won’t ever be able to buy one, but the American-built Carbon E7 should save taxpayer bucks while it serves and protects the police.

What We Know About the 2012 Carbon E7

It looks like something Robocop might drive, but the 2012 Carbon E7 is serious business: The world’s first purpose-designed police car. Or as Atlanta-based Carbon Motors describes it, a “homeland security” vehicle created for law enforcement by law enforcement.

This is no everyday police-package Ford Crown Victoria or Chevrolet Impala. The 2012 Carbon E7 is new from the ground up, engineered and equipped to enhance comfort, effectiveness and personal safety for America’s 800,000 law-enforcement officers. And though it’s a way-cool machine with undoubted consumer appeal, the E7 will never be sold to the public, new or used. But be warned. Law-enforcement officials throughout the land are said to be very excited about this project, so you should see E7s on the road starting in 2012, if all goes according to plan.

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